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Q1 2022

Phase 01


Liquidity additions to Cardano DEXs and exploration of cross chain liquidity.

Asset Creation

Working parties on Pavia Compatible Assets (PCA) creation and user generated content.

Build Commencement

Commencement of in game pavia.io experience build & zoning of the Pavia Plaza.

Land Sale Ends

Final NFT Land sale.

Q2 2022

Phase 02


First steps towards cross chain interoperability with a focus on NFT based assets.

Token Update

$PAVIA token update and vesting schedules announcement via Cardano Smart Contract.

PCA Builder Tool

V1 Pavia Compatible Asset (PCA) builder tool release.

Land Owner Snapshot

Land owner snapshot and random, limited edition Pav NFT airdrop.

Smart Contract Marketplace

pavia.io Smart Contract marketplace & out of the box solutions for Landowners.

Q3 2022

Phase 03

PCAs & Multiplayer Env.

Working on user generated content (PCAs)\ at scale and load testing in a multiplayer environment.

Q3 2022

Phase 04

Deploy PCAs

Initiation of deployment of PCAs onto Land parcels at scale. Auto LOD generation to cloud.

Portals Testing

Pavia Portals testing commences.

Avatar Updates

Additional avatar solutions, customisation and wearables.

Deployment Dates

Announcing expected dates for full deployment.

Q4 2022

Phase 05

1st Birthday!

Recognising Pavia's first birthday

Multiplayer Refinement

Refining the multiplayer in-game player interactions.

Builder Update

Preview into the next iteration of the builder with procedural smart objects

Pavia Plaza Event

First live event hosted in the Pavia Plaza

Q1 2023

Phase 06

Central Pavia Plaza - District 1 and 2 online

Early access to the plaza with District 1 and 2 with more social interaction features

Netcode and world player capacity update

Community update on how the Pavia world deals with Multiplayer

Mech Pavs

*** TOP SECRET *** watch out for hints

Builder V1.0 Full release

Full release of the V1.0 version of the scene builder tool

Q2 2023

Phase 07

Pavia Dev Playground

100 plot multiplayer prototype environmentfor people to join, hang-out and feel part of the development process

Social Systems

Update on Pavia social systems and player interaction features

Dynamic Land Update

What happens when land gets bought and sold? We answer your questions on plot merging, roads and more!

Builder V1.0 Full release

Full release of the V1.0 version of the scene builder tool

Mech Pav Journey Begins

Pavs, Mechs, Utility and MORE!

Q3 2023

Phase 08

Pavia Dev Playground - Experiences

New features and experiences within the playground

Builder 1.x ongoing improvements and features

First round of feature updates for the builder

Cross Chain Interoperability

preparing for 2024 and ensuring Pavia is open to all!


Huge partnership announcement to facilitate player scaling

Q4 2023

Phase 09

Mech Pavs Go Live

Mech Pavs on Cardano go live with crate unboxing and Mech Pav Builder

Two Year Milestone

Celebrating two years in active development from initial land sales to the Pavia Playground, Pavia Studio builder tool and Mech Pav launch.

Q1 2024

Phase 10

Q1 2024

Cross chain interoperability, liquidity, increasing awareness and player count.

...and so much more...

As the Pavia project progresses we will continue to update our roadmap with all the insights and clarity regarding what we are working on, what we're thinking, and where we are heading next. To all the OG Pavia supporters ... thanks for journeying with us this far. It's been an incredible ride! For those new to the project, we welcome you aboard.