Building huge cross-chain, cross-platform Metaverse experiences which connect crypto natives, Web3 builders and casual gamers. Welcome to Pavia, your Metaverse journey starts here!


Come and explore the expanding Metaverse. You can start from our very own central world, then venture out to our web of interconnected cross-chain Hubs and far beyond. When you return to your virtual home why not put down roots, deploy content, make friends and welcome fellow explorers to Pavia World. Ready?

The future depends on interoperability and Pavia's mission is to help build and establish communities across the Web3, blockchain and wider Metaverse space. We are deploying our own world and helping your community build theirs. Join us!


Pavia is mechanising the Multiverse. Explore multi-platform gamification via AAA quality collectible creatures and interchangeable in-game Mech assets all owned as Non Fungile Tokens. Collect, trade, play!


Metaverse tooling at its finest. Pavia is building the very fabric of immersive experiences and aggregates the latest technological breakthroughs, which will power hundreds of connected virtual worlds. Let's build!


At Pavia we are big on the Metaverse but even bigger on community. We have over 60,000 community members, around 20,000 unique wallet holders of our digital assets and growing. In addition we have dozens of verified asset creators, hundreds of Mech owners and a whole bunch of excited explorers. Come and join us!