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Create, explore and trade in the first-ever Cardano virtual world owned by its users.

V2 Pavia Map

Welcome to the future

In September 1501 Pavia Italy was the birthplace of Gerolamo (Jerome) Cardano, whom the Cardano blockchain project was named after. 2021 sees the launch of which is a metaverse being built on Cardano. It seems fitting to name our virtual world Pavia.

The Pavia Metaverse

We are expanding the metaverse

It is very important to explain that this metaverse project is in its infancy, these are the very early stages of development, this digital world will only succeed with the love and support of the Cardano community. There are now almost 7,000 land owners in Each land parcel is a uniquely numbered Cardano NFT (CNFT) based on coordinates within Please remember at this stage in development you cannot visit or deploy any content onto your land parcel. We are working hard to deliver the in-game Pavia experience.

Please join us in Discord and use the Suggestions channel to submit ideas and improvements. The community will help decide many of the key aspects to the in-game experience and asset deployment.

We have added the ability to create estates of 3X3 or larger and add images. Next up is inter-parcel messaging and adding social media handles.

We have partnered with so you can already design your own avatar which is compatible oustide of in over 700 apps and games.

Land & Tokens

Land Sale 1 - 29,000 parcels. SOLD OUT
Land Sale 2 - 31,000 parcels. SOLD OUT

Due to regulatory uncertainty buyers from the USA and UK were excluded from these land sales. Please refer to our Legal Notice for more information.

December 2021 will see a wallet holder snapshot and $PAVIA utility token airdrop. Please note you cannot purchase these tokens from us.

Pavia Corp will add liquidity for these free, airdropped fungible tokens on Cardano DEXs as they come online. This should be Q1 2022 at the latest.

The final land sales, which complete the map to 100,000 land parcels will take place in 2022.

Welcome to the future, we are just getting started.

Final Land Sales

Please check back in 2022

Visit the V2 Pavia map here

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