We are blockchain and crypto Metaverse specialists. Pavia was born from a desire to do better than the early attempts at NFT backed virtual worlds. Over three years we have gathered a sizeable community of creators and builders, we have sold out over 100K lands (at 17x over subscription) and we have built and aggregated cutting edge tech at significant scale. From Pavia World, our home within the growing Metaverse we are standing by to form further connections. Whatever your Metaverse or Mini-verse requirements we can help deliver your dreams.


We have integrated almost 300,000 avatars into the Pavia World experience as well as our in-house development of AAA quality interchangeable Mech Pavs which can be used as avatars inside Pavia, Nifty Island and other cross-platform experiences. Very soon you will be able to join Pavia Corp and help us connect the Metaverse. We are avatar experts.


We’ve proven the minting, ownership and merging of virtual land via Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) at a significant scale. These digital assets already power the deployment of User Generated Content (UGC) within our own virtual world deployments. Additionally, we've cracked the magic of 2D Metaverse mapping, interparcel messaging and the vital transition from 2D to 3D.

pavia studio

The Metaverse will be build by the people. The Pavia Studio is our bespoke, high power builder tool which leverages from Procedural Generation and Smart Objects to facilitate ease of building for immersive environments. Additionally 3D assets can now be imported into the tool. We are actively exploring the addition of AI to our Metaverse tooling. All tooling can be white labelled according to your needs.


We’ve previously hosted extremely popular live events inside the central Pavia Plaza and our Playground is live. We continue to build our own virtual world in public. You can visit today, discover new community built scenes and witness procedural generation at work in real time. Whatever scene you require we are able to build, deploy and host your events.


As well as out core team we have an army of builders from around the world who have signed up and verified themselves as Pavia Creators. Community is everything to us, as well as the Pavia Studio we have issued evolving guidelines for those who are more experienced who wish to build high quality Metaverse content. We have been refining standards for the past three years.


Our partnership with Metagravity has so far seen 5,000 concurrent players inside the Pavia Playground, we can facilitate many thousands more. We are confident of our joint ability to offer immersive experiences to tens of thousands of players at one time, without the need for sharding. Ready to go to the next level?


Ready to launch or expand your presence in the Metaverse? Pavia is your one-stop shop for Metaverse as a Service (MaaS). We offer expertise in avatars, land management, custom environments, live events, and procedural generation tools. Whether you're a crypto project, Web2 business, or simply seeking a Metaverse partner, our proven track record and cutting-edge tech can help you achieve your goals.

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